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CCTV, Fire Alarms and Access Controls

We provide comprehensive Fire and Safety Fire solutions that include design, provision, installation, testing, authorization, repair, and technical support in accordance with international and local standards, operating 24/7, 365 days a year.


Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

We supply and install three types of fire detection system: Conventional panels, Addressable fire alarm systems and Wireless detection systems We provide an advanced fire safety solution that is reliable, flexible and survivable, peace of mind is the greatest benefit.


Millenia provides state-of-the-art and affordable security solutions for all your CCTV needs, with a variety of cameras and equipment from leading manufacturers. Cameras come in many shapes and sizes and have a wide range of capabilities.

Access Controls

Millenia can offer a variety of "Accessibility Control Solutions", for your structure. Whether independent or a fully integrated system, we have the answer. From a single door, to a large area, we can offer the latest and least expensive solutions.